Intelligent solutions powering the future of healthcare across Africa.

If Big Data is the new oil in healthcare across Africa, clinical & business intelligence the refinery, then Afyatap's health token Afyacoin is the defacto currency.

About Afyatap

Afyatap-Africa’s leading online resource for comprehensive information about physicians and hospitals,  provides trusted information that helps consumers and providers make meaningful connections. Our award-winning content is influenced and inspired by some of the top minds in medicine and wellness—from thought leaders advancing the latest trends, to practicing physicians with an exam-room perspective, to wellness experts on a mission to inspire a healthier lifestyle. 


Our vision and mission

Afyatap’s vision is to transform the way the healthcare industry across Africa engages with professional and consumer audiences in the face of nearly constant change. Afyatap’s mission is to connect the dots among the myriad stakeholders through the healthcare ecosystem including hospitals, healthcare centers, diagnostic labs, pharmacies, insurance organizations, research institutions and patient organizations. Simply put, we do not reinvent the wheel we reinvent Healthcare Perceptions across Africa. 


  • Disparities in treatment methods, quality of care and cost of procedures.
  • Mismanagement of patient data.
  • Accessibility to your own healthcare records.
  • Difficulty in obtaining a second opinion.
  • Complex procedures for referral to a specialist.
  • Long waiting periods for appointments or procedures.
  • Lack of adequate medical infrastructure
  • Excessive cost of health care and limited access to healthcare loans.
  • Fraud, manipulation and cybercrime.
  • Lack of trust in the healthcare sector.
  • Transparency in data, processes, billing and claims.
  • Consolidation of patient data accessible at your fingertips.
  • You own your data, have instant access to real time and historic medical data.
  • Global access to expertise.
  • Video consultations and fast diagnosis.
  • World class infrastructure readily available.
  • Secured data, certified consultants, quick and safe payment system.
  • Trusted ecosystem which promotes patient data integrity and accountability.​

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