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Afyatap is an healthcare platform whose main aim among others is disrupting the prevailing healthcare system that has fostered such malignancies.

Powered on the block chain ecosystem, Afyatap will enable virtual conversations and knowledge sharing within its community of patients, world leading doctors and specialists, caretakers and others, while simultaneously gathering vast amounts of data for use in fostering research around the improvement of specific conditions.

Dorothy Mwakisha

An accomplished Marketing professional with experience in the development & execution of Marketing & Brand strategies in FMCG and B2B industries across Sub-Saharan Africa

Stephen Mutindah

Mutindah brings to the table a unique blend of IT Consultancy and Telepreneurship with passion for deploying Technology viably to enhance Business Performance, Corporate Governance and Service Delivery.  

Chrispus Muthiani

A SAP specialist driving innovations aimed to improve access to improved healthcare and service delivery to the people at the the lower strata of life.